Project about Entrepreneurs

Commissioned by Marta Martí, specialized on entrepreneurship, we co-create (together with my sister) 10 archetypes and their universes based on real characters from 21st century enterprises:

AppleType, OneG, Imaginarius, YesIcan, ZuckerBrain, EnergyBull, PowerTree, WikiTweets, HarryPotence and VuelingStar.

It is represented the best and worst part of each archetype and also how they can combine to achieve best teambuilding.

This project called ShakeOn materialized in a book, card game, videos with well-known entrepreneurs, workshops and a website.

I hope it can be useful to you! Find your type of start-up/enterprise! And your best team! Have fun!

One tip -> If you begin with your dark side, it will be easier to recognize you :B

Appletype-colorcrema OneG-colorcrema Imaginarius-colorcrema YesIcan-colorcrema Zuckerbrain-colorcrema EnergyBull-colorcrema PowerTree-colorcrema WikiTweets-colorcrema HarryPotence-colorcrema VuelingStar-colorcrema