imagen vanesa rovira

Welcome! I’m a Barcelona based creative Illustrator and author.

My journey to illustration began in 2006 when shaping my own world full of storytelling characters that were applied to everything, from books to games, tshirts or stickers under my own brand colorcrema®.

The first success was the book “Femmes Super Fatales” followed by “Hombres Super Fatales” and then an international one, the illustrations for packaging cookies brand “Paul and Pippa”.

More commissioned artwork has come during these years, so I decided to set up as a freelance illustrator.

Sometimes developing the whole project (concept and content too) and others, just the illustrations.

Specialized in Editorial Illustration, fiction Children’s books, Illustrated Products, Illustrated Branded Content, Cartoons, Portraits, … and who knows what’s next!

I’m a self-taught artist drawing everyday because it makes me laugh, think and love and I want to share that!