imagen vanesa rovira

I’m a Barcelona based self-taught artist creating and drawing everyday because it makes me laugh, think and love and I want to share that!

The journey to illustration began long long time ago when shaping my own world full of stories, characters and games. In 2006 I created, together with my sisters, the brand colorcrema®. Storytelling characters that were applied to everything, from books to games, t-shirts or stickers. The success arrived with the funny books “Femmes Super Fatales” and “Hombres Super Fatales” about What character are you? followed by an international one, the illustrations for packaging cookies brand “Paul and Pippa”.

More commissioned work has come during these years, so I decided to set up my own. Sometimes developing the whole project (concept, content and illustrations) or  just the illustrations. I really enjoy creating worlds!

Specialized in Editorial Illustration, fiction Children’s books, Illustrated Products, Illustrated Branded Content, Character Design, Cartoons, Portraits and Concept Art for Animated TV Show!

Two more things! About my original style want to tell you that line is the most important thing, more specially the expression, then the color to focus you on details.

Main inspiration is Nature and the day to day life! Others sources are Symbolism and Surrealism, Slapstick movies, Classic Hollywood musicals, ’40s and ’50s cartoon movies, Japanese manga and anime, Spanish and Franco-Belgian comics, Vintage toys, Stickers, Board Games and Paper Dolls, of which I have a large collection.

Very welcome to my world full of imagination, fun and tenderness!

Have a look to my book! —> VanesaRovira_Book_Illustrations