I am a self-taught artist based in Barcelona who creates and draws every day because it makes me laugh, thinklove and visualize the invisible.

Stroke in hand drawing is the most important thing in my style. I’ve been developing it during years to achieve an expressive, dancing and alive stroke!

Color (watercolors, pencils, markers or digital) is used to add information, expression, symbolism.

Knowledge, connection and preservation of nature, culture and human psyche including symbology study are my main motivations / inspirations.

My journey towards illustration began in 2005 when I quit my job as an industrial engineer to shape my world full of illustrations, ideas and lots of stories.

The success came with the humorous / conceptual books on personality types «Femmes Super Fatale» and «Hombres Super Perfectos». The idea behind Los Super Perfectos is that they are an step further in the evolution between people, animals, plants, minerals or even objects. In this world everyone is different and everyone is super perfecto!
In 2006 I created, together with my sisters, the colorcrema® brand (now Super Perfectos). Those storytelling characters were applied to everything from books to games to t-shirts to stickers.

This project was followed by international recognition for the characters of the «Paul and Pippa» cookies packaging brand.

During these last 10 years more commissioned works came, which led me to set up my own studio. I’m in charge of the idea, investigation, content, characters, illustrations and the applications or just the illustrations. I can also advice in marketing & communication. Depends on the project, I work with others collaborators.
I’m specialized in character design and their worlds for editorial, advertising, products, brand content, cartoons, portraits, murals and concept art for animated TV shows.

Thanks to my most personal project, whose protagonist is @conejozen, I’ve established an inner dialogue with the conscious and unconscious mind for years.

In 2021 I decide to use this knowledge and the ESP skills (Extrasensory perception) in a new line of art, performance art with live drawing.

This performance will consist of touching one’s head for a few minutes in a self-hypnosis state and a live drawing of the symbolic image visualized in my mind to give you clues about yourself, your thougths, feelings and wishes. I’m exploring how to explain, how to transmit, the ability of the human being to establish a real and amplified connection with others and their environment using art and human capabilities.