Diary of a rabbit that always look for the truth :B

@conejozen is my guru. A guide to my perception that helps me to approach the reality!

Here you will find his thoughts, personal cosmology, unconscious signs, connection tips and daily news cartoon analysis.

«The more connected you are, clearer the reality become!»_Says conejo zen, also called Zen Rabbit_ Love and sense of humor help :B

Don’t follow me! Follow yourself!

My most personal character connected to who am I, what I’m more concerned, how to look for the truth, how to know reality and ourselves.

A project that includes artist products like «Soul cleansing» soap, a picture book, Psychometrics therapy (thoughts/feelings-transference) ,  people’s unconsciousness illustrations or self-hypnosis method for connecting to life.


Diario de un conejo en búsqueda de la verdad :B

Captura @conejozen